Skinny vs Fit: Confessions of a Former Skinny Fat Girl.

I ran into someone I went to University with the other day and she said to me “you haven’t changed at all, how have you managed to remain slim all these years”. I smiled and took it as the compliment she meant it to be but then she got me thinking if that was true, if I hadn’t changed at all.

See, as a teenager I was a skinny child; in Uni, I was a slim (mostly skinny) girl but what I am now is a fit woman. I am not the same girl at all speaking in terms of physique. While most people loved the slim/skinny physique back then (maybe even now) and I won’t lie, even I loved it back then; that skinny body would not be able to handle the woman that I am today. I hardly paid attention to my eating habits then, infect my diet was made up of 40% chocolate and 30 % Soda, no lie! And I didn’t exercise at all.

That Slim, weak body that could hardly go up a flight of stairs without running out of breath would not be able to handle half of the responsibilities I have going on now. That body would be constantly tired from the duties of being a mum of 2 very active girls, running a household alongside work, trying to build a career, lets not forget taking care of the husband as well (who I lovingly refer to as the 3rd child; ladies, do you feel me on this one? lol) and all the emotional drama that comes with these responsibilities.

Being fit means I have the strength to get through crazy days without being exhausted all the time. It means I’m not too tired to actually go outside and play with my girls on a daily basis. It means showing my girls that they can be strong too like their mama. It means building mental strength along with a strong body. It means being more adventurous. It means being more confident in who I am; I am amazed at how my confidence grows every single day. And let’s not forget the added advantage of looking and feeling good too.

The picture on the left was taken 9 years ago, before I had kids. The picture on the right was taken this year 2017. Looks like the same slim girl only much more fit.

So, no, I do not have the same body I had 8 years ago and thank goodness for that.

I hope you find a reason to start a healthy, fitness lifestyle today.

Leave a comment, let us know how your body has changed over the years and how that has shaped you as a person; you might just inspire someone to get started.


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