Health & Fitness Simplified (Finding What Works for You)

Do you ever get overwhelmed and maybe even confused by all the information out there on Health and fitness? I know I did for a while. It seems everyone has something different to say “Eat this. Don’t eat that. Ketogenic is the way to go. No, it’s Atkins diet. Do cardio every day, weight training is better” should I go on?

So how do you simplify this all? As far as nutrition goes, Fad diets do not work! 90% of dieters put the weight back on. Focus instead on the basics of proper nutrition. 

At each meal, aim to have good Carbs, proteins, and vegetables on your plate; with vegetables filling half of the plate. And practice portion control. Simple! But be sure your meals are cooked in the healthiest way possible (enough of all these plenty oils swimming in our foods). 

Remember we’re talking about fitness as a lifestyle; now if you were a fitness model or had specific body goals (like 6 pack abs), then we’ll be talking a strict diet but that’s not what most people want; we just love to stare at 6 packs, we don’t necessarily need them. 

How about workouts? You need to find what works for you here. What fits your lifestyle. If you hate going to the gym (like I do), try some at home workouts. If you love dancing, try Zumba or salsa. if you only have 15 minutes to work out, try an intense HIIT session. When I was a banker, I could only make out 7 minutes a day to workout but those 7-minute workouts were intense mehn!! The key here is to try different things till you find what suits you. Just because I hate jogging (and I really do) doesn’t mean that fitness is not for me. 

I know this might sound a little too simple but trust me when I say this is the foundation upon which I have built my fitness lifestyle. I am such a simple girl in general that once anything is too complex, chances are I most probably won’t do it (makeup, hair, clothes, anything!). We already have such busy lives, we don’t need to complicate it any further. 

By the way, that’s my brother in the picture; he goes to the gym, I work out from home, we’re both fit in our own way. 

Keep it simple guys.

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