Focus on Fitness, not Weight Loss

I remember the first time I tried this PIYO pose. I had first looked through the exercises and thought to myself “this looks easy, are you kidding me? I’m mostly just going to be lifting my legs up, easy peasy.” Boy, was I wrong! I could barely hold this pose for more than 3 seconds and I couldn’t get my leg to go up this high. I could hardly hold my body weight; I lacked strength in my wrists. After the first round of exercises, I was sore in places I didn’t even know I could be sore, lol.

But that was it, I was hooked and I knew I wasn’t going to stop until I could go through all the exercises seamlessly. PIYO is now a regular part of my fitness routine and every time I go through it, I’m reminded of how hard and awesome it is. I push myself to go harder and get stronger each time. I think that’s one of the obstacles many of us face on our Fitness journey; the goal for most people is to lose weight or have flat abs and once they get a semblance of result in those areas, they abandon their journey and its back to square one. So they put the weight back on and the vicious cycle starts all over again.

If we would only shift our focus from weight loss to being a more fit, stronger and healthier version of ourselves, then health and wellness would become more of a lifestyle and not a chore. Shifting that focus will come with all the perks that people seek from weight loss and so much more. It would mean sustained results, looking younger, simplifying fitness and of course a banging body 😉

So, if you’re just getting started or struggling with your fitness, please focus on being the fittest version of you ever!

Remember to Keep it Simple.

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