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Body Create


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The 30 Day Body Create Challenge: What it's About And Who It's For.

This book is for you if you’re tired of fad diets, temporary fixes, insane health and fitness fads that really don’t work or just give you quick results that you can’t sustain.

This book is about helping you lose weight, keeping it off, getting fit, fixing your body and just doing it sustainably. 

In this book, I give you very simple actionable steps that you can immediately start to implement in your life and in your unique living situation.  

These are things that I have used in my life for the past eleven years.

These are things that I use with people that I work with. 

Now this book is simple. 

It’s a simple read and you feel like you’re having a conversation with me. The things that I teach are so simple that people are like “it really can’t be that simple” – but it is. 

So I’ve taken away all of the confusing talk.

All of the science that can be confusing.

And then I have just made it simple in such a way that when you start to read these things you’re  like – “yeah…..ok, I can do that”.

And you start to implement these things in your life to see and sustain those results. 

It’s called the 30-Day Body create challenge because at the end there’s a Challenge.

There’s a week-by-week actionable challenge for you to do. 

It essentially says – week 1, do this; week 2, do this – to start to lose weight, keep it off and develop that health and fitness lifestyle. 

So if you’re tired of jumping from program to program, 

Getting quick results and then losing them just as quickly.

If you’re tired of counting calories and doing ridiculous things that are not sustainable. 

This book is for you. 

It’s for everyone who wants to develop that sustainable, simple, health and fitness lifestyle.

 Who wants to lose weight, Keep it off, look fab, look fit, look gorgeous. 

What People Are Saying:

About Bode

Bode Agbe-Davies is a wellness and lifestyle enthusiast who is in love with living a well balanced, healthy life.

Her goal is to bridge the gap between having tons of information about health & wellness and living the ultimate healthy life for every individual.

This is achieved by helping people develop simple daily habits that when consistently implemented over a period of time become second nature.

It’s all about Keeping It Short and Simple. 

Bode is a health and wellness nut and has been actively engaged is various sports such as Swimming, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, since she was a child.

After struggling to keep up with her fitness and wellness lifestyle for years while navigating through cooperate Nigeria and raising a family at the same time, she finally figured it out and developed a balance that works perfectly well for her.

The aim is to help others find the balance that fits well for them.