5. Lack of Basic Knowledge​

When the focus is on losing weight fast, we fall for quick fixes such as detox teas, slimming pills, detox diets and other fad diets that offer temporary solutions. 

In doing so, we don’t acquire any knowledge on what it really takes to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner.

No knowledge is gained about how to eat and exercise for sustainable weight loss, how to cultivate the habits that lead to lasting success, how other areas of life such as sleep and stress can affect weight loss. 

This is why so many people end up gaining the weight back.

Take time to educate yourself on the best diet for you, the benefits of different forms of exercise as well as other parts of a healthy lifestyle.

By becoming aware of these thoughts and behaviours that are sabotaging your weight loss, you can start to avoid them. Not sure what specific action to take? I’ve got your back 😉.

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