4 Mistakes Slowing Down Weight loss

Source: Pet MD

I recently put up a post on Instagram where I asked people to say what confused them the most about their fitness/weight loss journey. I was a little surprised to see a lot of people write that they were skipping meals but not losing weight and how that confused them. It amazed me that people think starving or starting fad diets is the best way to lose weight; they don’t understand how this is not only counterproductive but dangerous to their health as well.

Here are 4 major and common mistakes that sabotage weight loss:


1.Starving Yourself

Source: World of Diets

While moderation and portion control is great; cutting down too much or skipping meals can have the opposite effect on weight loss, add the fact that it could also be quite unhealthy and you will probably be causing more harm than good.

When you cut down drastically on your food intake,  your body (as a means of survival) goes into starvation mode and slows its metabolism down which means that the rate at which you burn calories will slow down hence, weight loss slows down.

Eventually, you will go back to eating normally as you can’t starve yourself forever. At this point, your metabolism is already so slow that any weight you may have lost will be added right back.


2. Cardio Only Workouts 

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Aerobic exercises are awesome, don’t get me wrong. All that jogging and running burn calories and strengthen the lungs and heart; they are however only a piece of the puzzle.

Weight training is an essential part of your fitness journey. I’m not saying go crazy and lift some 20kg weights. To be quite honest, I never really lift more than 5 kg dumbbells and I incorporate a lot of bodyweight training.  It is completely okay to start small and work up to more reps or heavier weights.

Muscles keep your metabolism up and help burn fat faster; simply put.


3.Diet Pills And Fat Burners

Source: Born fitness

You’ve seen those ads, right? They promise you instant weight loss just by taking a few pills (if only everything in life was that simple).  These pills set you up for failure by making you think you don’t need to lift a finger.

Here’s the thing, some of these pills aren’t even that safe in the first place and for those that are safe, the instructions will probably tell you to combine the pills with a healthy diet and good exercise routine. So if you simply eat healthily and exercise properly, you will lose weight without the diet pills anyway.

My advice, save your money and save yourself from false expectations.


4. Comparing Your Progress To Others


Source: Black Doctor

You know those images of amazing, hot looking, men and women with the six-pack abs and buns of steel? Well, stop comparing yourself with them. Most of them are fitness models or athletes, which means they get paid to look that way. So unless you plan to become a fitness model or an athlete yourself, you shouldn’t compare yourself to them.

Set simple, realistic goals for yourself and measure your progress based on how you hit and surpass those goals.

In the words of Rihanna “stay up off my Instagram, pure temptation” 🙂


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