A better way to lose weight and end the struggle with "dieting"

How The Fitter Body Plan Works

Most programs focus on restrictive diets that cut out food groups such as carbohydrates and drastically reduce how much food you eat. What follows is a period of misery and starvation which is why “dieting” doesn’t work, is unsustainable and only gives short term results. 

The Fitter Body Plan helps you make simple and sustainable changes on 3 levels to ensure that you not only lose weight but that you keep it off for good.

–  Mindset: Develop a fitness mindset so that you can develop the right routines and habits for your health.

– Meals: Learn how to properly prepare, portion and plate your meals to lose weight without starving.

– Movement: Learn the proper combination of exercises that will get you lean and toned.

What You Get

Check Out These Amazing Results

The lifestyle is easy to adopt, the meal options are vast and I get to eat the meals I love in healthy ways. The daily lessons can be applied to all aspects of life.

– Ifeoma

I can now fit back into clothes that I had before I got married. I love this lifestyle! I need a wardrobe lift as most of my clothes are now too big for me.

– Sonia

I thought I would have a hard time coping especially with intermittent fasting but I didn’t. I feel a lot lighter, I can’t stop smiling because of how much better my clothes fit.

– Onyinye

I was a yo-yo dieter for a long time and I was always frustrated. With the Fitter Body Plan, I learned to stop dieting. I lost weight while eating local Nigerian food.

– Love

Bonus Materials

Get 5 bonus materials to help you hit your health and fitness goals immediately you sign up for the Fitter Body plan. These bonuses have a combined value of N23,000


Bonus 1: The 30 Day Body Create Challenge Book. Your manual to developing a fit lifestyle. It includes a challenge to help you stay committed to losing weight and getting fitter in 30 days.


Value – N2,500

Bonus 2: A 5 part video coaching program on the habits, routines, basic nutrition and planning required to get and stay fit.


Value – N10,000

Copy of Bonus Recipes-2

Bonus 3: A 5 part audio coaching program on Mindset, Meals and Movement (the body transformation trifecta)


Value – N5,000

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Bonus 4: The Body Create Jumpstart Checklist: 24 key strategies for creating the body you love.


Value – N2,500

Copy of Bonus Recipes

Bonus 5: Additional recipes – 15 new recipes exclusive to the Fitter Body Plan.


Value – N3,000

New rounds of the Fitter Body Plan start at the beginning of every month.

Your start date is the 7th of January