Finally, end the struggle with weight loss. This a better and healthier way to lose the weight and more importantly, keep it off.

Lose Belly Fat| Drop A Dress Size| Get A Slamming Body


Most programmes focus on weight loss through dieting and exercise only, which usually gives temporary results.

The Fitter Body Plan however, focuses on:

– Making a mindset shift in the way you think about your body, health and fitness

– Developing the habits you need to keep the weight off long-term

– Learning to feed your body right (not fad diets) 

– Burning fat and getting lean using the Body Create Movement Plan


Making a mindset shift and developing the right habits are key to keeping the weight off. 

This is why The Fitter Body Plan has been so successful at helping women get in shape and stay in shape.


The Fitter Body Plan™️ is a 21 day programme.

  • A comprehensive workout programme that features 5 full length workout videos to help you burn fat and create that slamming body. Just press play and exercise along with me.
  • A step by step guide for developing and implementing good habits to help you keep the weight off long after the programme is over and as a lifestyle.
  • The complete Fitter Body Plan Nutrition Guide
  • Mindset coaching – Text and Video
  • Simple and delicious recipes
  • Live Q and A sessions to answer all your questions
  • Daily accountability
  • Downloadable worksheet 
  • Simplified outline of how your meals should be broken down
  • Support from me and a community of people on the same path as you.


Workout with Coach B.A.D has been fabulous!!
As an Auto immune disease survivor…there were loads of changes I had to deal with and a meal change was part of it.

I remember talking to my dear friend, Coach B.A.D about it and she gave me tips on what and what not to do. I have to say that was the start of great things to come. My health improved and I could start working out. I was dealing with weight issues due to the drugs but it all seemed to workout.
I tossed processed foods and went natural…I don’t regret it all!

Hence I didn’t hesitate to join the programme and I have been living my life like it’s golden.
I’m in full Remission now Coach!

The Lifestyle is very easy to adopt. The meal options are so vast and you still get to eat what you want but in healthier ways.
Workouts are easy-pizzy too. Her processes can be applied in all aspects of your life.

I am a Mindful eater now but i can still treat myself on and off without feeling guilty.

Thanks so much Coach! Your are B.A.D!

– Ifeoma


I thought I would have a hard time coping, especially with intermittent fasting, I had tried it before but couldn’t keep up. But this time, I did it. 

I feel a lot lighter. I can’t stop smiling because of how much better my clothes fit…..not too snug.

– Onyinye.

The syncher for me about the programme, is the MINDSET change, it's everything one needs to accomplish anything in life.
Thanks for teaching me how to respect my body and treat my body RIGHT.
For teaching me this awesome lifestyle. This is one of the best decisions I have made in 2019. P.S Your teaching methods are very simple and easy to follow.
I love it so so much .
The best part of this programme for me was the mindset reconditioning! Surely success begins in the mind! This time I've learnt 'THE WAY'... I've found the secret to losing the weight and keeping it off forever ! Who would have thought eating salad without store bought dressing is possible? I found my WHY and it's my biggest motivation! Thanks for everything coach! You See Me and you Bode Agbe-Davies?
We are stuck forever!
I am a fan of simplicity, that's what attracted me to Bode Agbe-Davies, she's been one the greatest gifts from God . Her method works, I have established better habits, my mindset is aligned and in a better place.
I dropped down 2 dress sizes (size14 to 10) and on my way to finally owning the body of my dreams. I apply some of her methods to other aspects of my life from time to time and it's been worth every bit of my investment.


New rounds start at the beginning of every month.

Your start date is the 4th of November


Pay N10,000 to
Guaranty Trust Bank
Olabode Agbe-Davies
then send an email notification to

About Bode

Bode Agbe-Davies is a wellness and lifestyle enthusiast who is in love with living a well balanced, healthy life.

Her goal is to bridge the gap between having tons of information about health & wellness and living the ultimate healthy life for every individual.

This is achieved by helping people develop simple daily habits that when consistently implemented over a period of time become second nature.

It’s all about Keeping It Short and Simple. 

Bode is a health and wellness nut and has been actively engaged is various sports such as Swimming, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, since she was a child.

After struggling to keep up with her fitness and wellness lifestyle for years while navigating through cooperate Nigeria and raising a family at the same time, she finally figured it out and developed a balance that works perfectly well for her.

The aim is to help others find the balance that fits well for them.

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