What You Need To Know About Slimming Tea

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Weight loss tea, slimming tea, skinny tea, detox tea, dieter’s tea – whatever you want to call them – seem to be all the rage right now for those looking to lose weight. Truth is, they have been around for quite some time; it seems like every few years they go through some sort of repacking and shoot up in popularity again.

There are those who swear by all the benefits of slimming tea, like this article here and there are those on the other side of the argument, Reasons Why Weight Loss Teas are Bad For You.

Those who swear by the amazing benefits warn about important points to look out for when buying these teas, so both sides of the argument agree in that regard.


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Here’s what you need to know though, these teas usually come with instructions that look something like this:

“For best results, combine with a clean diet and moderate amount of exercise.” 

So you’re told to avoid Junk foods and drinks (all the things most responsible for weight gain) and to start exercising (great way to lose weight). My point is this; if all you do is clean up your diet and add some exercise to your routine, you will lose weight anyway – slimming tea or not.

Your weight loss will be a result of the work that YOU put into eating clean (and that is a lot of work!) and exercising, not the slimming tea.

Have you tried slimming tea? Did you get any results? Do share with us.

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