Is Brown Rice healthier than White Rice?



If you’re on a weight loss journey or just trying to make healthier food choices, you would have been faced with the brown rice versus white rice dilemma at some point. So is brown rice healthier than white rice or is it all hype?

First, let’s take a look at both types of rice. Brown rice is essentially rice with the whole kernel intact and that kernel is surrounded by layers of bran.
When the bran layers are removed (milled off), as well as most of the rice germ and the aleurone layer then what we have is polished white rice.

The major reason manufacturers polish rice is to prolong its shelf life but the polishing process leads to a decline in nutritional value.

Brown rice is generally the better way to go in terms of nutritional value because of the increased fibre content. Brown basmati rice contains about 20% more fibre when compared to other types of brown rice.

Although, some would argue that white rice is the better way to go because brown rice contains Phytic acid which can interfere with the absorption of certain minerals leading to a deficiency in nutrients. This is however unlikely to occur unless large amounts of brown rice are being eaten at every meal.

That been said, neither brown nor white rice can be considered nutrient dense. Rice is more calorie dense than nutrient dense. The rule of thumb should, therefore, be to practice portion control with rice whether your preference is brown or white. Here’s a guide on what a healthy portion should like:


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