Doesn't dieting during the holidays just suck?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a stress free relationship with food this holiday season? ​

Navigate the food scene easily, without dieting or piling on excess weight.

Focus on what’s truly important this holiday; connecting with family, friends and loved ones

With so many diet plans been sold around the holidays, promising to help you drop a few dress sizes through restrictive meal plans, it’s no wonder anxiety around food is at an all time high.

What would it feel like if you could have fun at holiday parties without worrying about counting calories or if the foods fall within the approved meals in your meal plan?

Wouldn’t it feel great if you could enjoy holiday foods and treats without over indulging or piling on extra weight?

No more feeling bloated or full of regret after holiday parties.

What if you could actually focus on the truly important stuff during the holidays; bonding, creating memories and having fun with colleagues, friends and family.

Restrictive dieting doesn’t work. It leaves us feeling crappy around food and whatever weight is lost is quickly added back.

And no one wants to feel crappy around food, especially during the holiday.

It’s time to break free from dieting with the Food Freedom Holiday Guide.

The Food Freedom Guide is your simple strategies that you can stick with during holiday parties and other social events

The Food Freedom Guide is your go to for simple strategies that you can stick with during holiday parties and other social events.

No longer will you be that gal who pulls out her calorie counting app at social events – trust me, nobody likes being this gal.

And because this guide is simple to read and implement, it will quickly become your favourite thing to read on your phone while you prepare to be your fabulous self at that party.

What are you waiting for? Get the guide now and slay effortless through the holidays.

Meet the Author

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Bode Agbe-Davies is a certified health and fitness professional and the creator of the Body Create Method. 

She helps busy entrepreneurial mums like herself develop a simple and healthy lifestyle that lets them do wonderful things at work and amazing things at home.

Tired of all the confusing and overwhelming information in the health and fitness industry, she teaches simple strategies that help women lose weight and more importantly keep fit off without jumping from one diet to another.

Her method focuses on mental strategies, habits, planning, proper nutrition and support systems. All of which she has used in her life over the past 11 years to live a simple and sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Bode is married to an amazing man and is privileged to have two wonderful girls who call her mum. Family is her top priority.