Exercise Tutorials

Romanian Deadlift

Glute Bridge

Pop Squats

Reverse Lunge


Goblet Squat

Russian Twist

Push-up Planks

Dumbbell Chest Press

Chest Fly


Single Arm Row

Dumbbell Row

Lat Pulldown

Lateral Shoulder Raises

Bent Over Rear Deltoids

4 Skis + 2 Jacks


Lower Body Warm Up

Upper Body Warm Up

Bicep Curls

DB Row With Pause

Dumbell Squats

Hammer Curls

Kettlebell Deadlift

Plank With Reach

Shoulder Press

Single Leg Bridge

Tricep kickback & Extension

Walking Lunges

Weighted Glute Bridge

Bulgarian Split Squats

Tricep kickback

3 Sec Lowering Bicep curl

90/90 Hip Switch

90/90 Hip Switch w Hip Ext

Box Squat

Close Stance Goblet Squat

Curtsy Lunge

Full Arc Shoulder Raise

Hollow Hold

Lateral Lunge with Pulse

Lying overhead Tricep Ext

Pistol Box Squat

Plank with Weight Transfer

Prayer Squat

SL Weighted Bridge

Squat with Pulse


Single Arm Shoulder Press

Upright Row

Walking Lunges

1.5 Bulgarian Split Squat

Kang Squat

Single Leg RDL

Split Stance RDL

Step Up

Cobra Lat Pulldown

Kneeling Wood Chopper

Lateral Jumps

Side Lying Tricep Rise

Staggered Stance Squat