Bottled water left in a hot car; should you or should you not drink it?

We’ve all heard about this, we’ve either read the articles or had the discussions about how bottled water left in hot cars or food cooked/heated in plastic containers have been linked to cancer and other health conditions. Now the question, is there any truth behind this or is it a myth?

The internet is full of articles that support the claim that food in plastic containers when heated is detrimental to our health. These articles say that plastic containers contain certain chemical compounds that seep into water/food when heated and are thus harmful to our bodies. If you’re interested in the science behind this, you can read all about it on the health and wellness section of the Guardian Newspaper. The article also gives practical steps of how to reduce the associated health risks, read it here.

In recent times, a lot of articles have also been published that say these claims are untrue. One of such articles is by Cancer Research Uk, which says there is no good evidence to prove that chemicals in plastics can affect our hormone levels thereby causing cancer. You can read more about this here.

So, with both sides of the argument being strongly supported, who do we believe? What do we do? How to we figure it out?
Here is my personal opinion, so please look at all the facts and come to your own conclusion, ok? great!

I used to always leave my bottled water in the car and drink the water later when it’s hot. I don’t do that anymore, simply because I drink a lot more water now and my bottle is usually always with me. That being said, if every now and then I leave my bottled water in the car and I get thirsty, I would probably still drink it because I don’t believe that those rare occasions will lead to any major health issues unless of course, that bottle of water has been in the car for a long period of time e.g 1 or 2 weeks, chemicals in plastic or not, I think it would just be plain nasty to drink that (again, my personal opinion).

For food in plastic containers, it might not be convenient to heat food in ceramic plates at work or have ceramic plates available on the go, so it’s a good idea to always use plastic containers that are microwave safe in such situations. Also, if you don’t have the patience to cook your Moimoi a.k.a Beans pudding in Moimoi leaves (which I absolutely love doing), then consider getting yourself some Ramekins ( a small ceramic dish for baking).

Bottom line, do the best that you can do as much as you can. Remember to keep it simple guys!

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