3. Cut Out The Excess Oils 

Whether it’s deep frying or cooking stews and soups, cut down drastically on the oils.

If you want to drop some kgs quick, you will need to review how you’re cooking your meals and the first thing that has to go is deep frying and the use of excess oils. 

If you’re from my part of the world, we use way too much oil in our cooking – Deep-fried plantain, French fries, Puff-Puff, Deep-fried meat and fish, Vegetables soups (Efo Riro, Okra, Banga, Egusi), Deep-Fried yam……..I think you get the point. 

Completely cut out the deep frying and replace this method of cooking with grilling, oven baking or air frying. Next, you want to cut down on the amount of oil you use to cook your stews and soups to a bare minimum. Aim for 1 cooking spoonful of healthy oil per medium sized pot of soup or stew.