2. Focusing On The Scale​

When you focus too much on the scale, you run the risk of getting disappointed when (not if) that scale doesn’t move as quickly as you would like it to. Weight loss is more than just the number of Kgs you want to lose

Focusing solely on the scale means you will likely miss other signs of progress such as feeling more energetic, sleeping better, feeling stronger, glowing skin, improved mood….

The number on the scale includes everything in and on your body i.e water, fat, muscles…. and a number of factors can influence the way that number changes. 

For example, the scale can go up just before or during your period. Having a meal high is sodium can affect the number on the scale. If you do box braids, the scale will go up (the added weight of the extensions will reflect on the scale).

Don’t focus on the scale, track other changes as well.