The 1K weight LOSS BUNDLE

A limited time offer.

Hey busy woman, I see you trying to do it all – work, kids, relationships……


As a result, your health and body goals have taken a back seat.

I can relate, I’ve been there.


The busy woman’s weight loss bundle is exactly what you need. 


In this bundle, you get the same program that helped me get in shape when I was a busy mum, working at a bank with a crazy schedule. 


But that’s not all, with this bundle, you get access to 5 of my most effective and successful programs/tools at a crazy discounted price of NGN 1,000 only. 

Yep, you read that right NGN 1,000 for  all 5 products that have a combined value of NGN 42,300. Here’s what you get.


7 minute Body fat burner program

For the busy person with limited time

This program is the exact program that helped me get and stay in shape when I was a busy mum, working at a bank with a crazy schedule. If you’re always on the go and can’t seem to find time to workout, this is for you. Starting from just 7 minutes a day, this program will help you burn fat, get stronger, increase your energy levels and develop consistency. This program comes with:

  • The 7 Minute Body Fat Burner Workout Video
  • A Meal Guide
  • Shopping List
  • Sample Meal Plan – which you can customise to suit your needs.

Original price – NGN 15,000



30 day body create challenge book

The manual to develop a fitness lifestyle

This is the book that will help you develop a simple and sustainable fitness lifestyle. It provides you with simple, actionable steps that you can immediately begin to implement to make changes to your health, fitness and body. You learn how to lose the weight and keep it off. 
This book includes a 30 day challenge to help you stay committed to losing weight and getting fitter in 30 days. The challenge includes a shopping list and guidelines on how to eat healthy.

Original price – NGN 2,500

The 30 Day Body Create Book comes with amazing bonuses such as: 

  • A 5 part video coaching program on mindset – NGN 10,000 value
  • The Body Create Jumpstart checklist : 24 key strategies for creating the body you love –  NGN 2,500 value
  • Recipes from the Body Create Recipe Book – NGN 2,500 value
  • A 5 part audio coaching series on mindset, meals and movement (the body transformation trifecta) – NGN 5,000 value 
Bonuses worth – NGN 20,000



It's time to break free from dieting

What would it feel like if you could have fun at social events without worrying about counting calories or if the foods fall within the approved meals in some restrictive diet plan you’re following?
The Food Freedom Guide is your go to for simple strategies that you can stick with during holiday parties and other social events.
No longer will you be that gal who pulls out her calorie counting app at social events – trust me, nobody likes being this gal.
And because this guide is simple to read and implement, it will quickly become your favourite thing to read on your phone while you prepare to be your fabulous self at that party.

Original price – NGN 2,500




The key to dealing with stress, fear and anxiety

In times of stress, fear and anxiety brought on by situations over which you have little/no control, what do you do? How do you protect your mind and prioritise your mental health?

Own Your Mind provides simple actionable steps to help you get through fear, stress and anxiety.

Original price – NGN 2,000


15 things to do during lockdown

Keep your body and mind active

With the lockdown on major cities during the COVID -19 outbreak, we’re spending most of our time indoors, at home. This guide – which was originally only available to subscribers of the Body Create Magazine – is a list of 15 activities that will keep you occupied and productive during this time.

Original price – NGN 300


the 1k Package

Combined Value NGN 42,300

For a Limited Time Only
NGN 1,000

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People love them

7 Minute Body Fat Burner Program

Bode’s 7-minute program is intense, but it’s also fun. I don’t know how she did it but I finish those seven minutes feeling victorious and well worked, head to toe. A bonus is that it only takes a pinch out of my morning prep time – just seven minutes. Win win.

Bode’s coaching style is special because she makes fitness look easy. She shows you how to eat right without turning into a grass-eating, mud-drinking bore.

  – Chisom Ojukwu

30 Day Body Create Challenge Book

Bode’s usual style of simplicity is evident in her writing and in her fitness plan for you. It’s an easy read containing a plan that’s simple to follow. She offers a workout plan and menu as she gives you the gist of her own fitness journey. 

If she can do it, then you know you can. She serves herself up as the living example of the method, so you know for sure that she is walking the talk of the Body Create Method ™

  – Queen Edet

Food Freedom Holiday Guide

The Food freedom holiday guide was exactly what I need during the festive season. It’s about this time that I usually pack on the extra weight due to the multitude of parties I have to attend.

 With this guide, Bode laid down a simple plan and tips that I could follow at events. I got to have fun, eat delicious food, socialise and not feel guilty or worry about dieting. It helps that this guide is simple to read.

     – Abimbola


about bode

Bode Agbe-Davies is a certified health and fitness professional and the creator of the Body Create Method. 

She helps busy entrepreneurial mums like herself develop a simple and healthy lifestyle that lets them do wonderful things at work and amazing things at home.

Tired of all the confusing and overwhelming information in the health and fitness industry, she teaches simple strategies that help women lose weight and more importantly keep fit off without jumping from one diet to another.

Her method focuses on mental strategies, habits, planning, proper nutrition and support systems. All of which she has used in her life over the past 11 years to live a simple and sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Bode is married to an amazing man and is privileged to have two wonderful girls who call her mum. Family is her top priority.