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Bode Agbe-Davies is a 9 year veteran of the fitness lifestyle who helps busy entrepreneurial women build fit, strong, beautiful bodies that helps them do amazing things at work, home and live their best lives. 

She does this by helping implement the Body Create Method™, her proprietary 5 step framework for getting fit and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

Her approach to health and fitness is a simple one that helps clients focus on only the things that truly matter.

Body And Mind training

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Personal Training

12-Week weight loss Training

Whether it’s workout rush hour or there’s still some New Year’s resolution stragglers, a crowded gym can be a kick in the kettlebells—especially when it impedes your training. The annoyance compounds when you’re tight on time and can’t afford to run around the gym or wait for Teddy Broosevelt to finish his triple dropset.

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What people say?


I’m now contemplating a half marathon next year.
By the time I reached out to Bode, I was less interested in weight loss but more eager to learn about the workings of a sustainable healthy lifestyle, although I ended up achieving both. Working with Bode for 3 months introduced me to the habits (nutrition & exercise) and perspectives embedded in a healthy lifestyle tailored to my unique needs and preferences. For example, I have a phobia for gyms and could not imagine inserting a gym commute into an already activity-packed daily schedule in Lagos. Bode took this into consideration and sent me workout routines I could complete at home on my own. By being both strict and empathetic, Bode provided the perfect amount of accountability I needed to build the right habits. Since completing the program, I’ve run a 10k and I’m now contemplating a half marathon next year. The Body Create Program was just the perfect fitness jumpstart I needed.
Timoni Akindolie
I couldn't have asked for a better coach.
One thing that draws me to coaches or consultants are people who know their truth and stick by it and more importantly those who are not fazed by quick fixes but put in the work, build the foundations and design a process that works. Coach BAD checks those boxes for me and more. She doesn't treat weight loss as life on the fad lane, she teaches it as a conscious way of life. Accountability is her way of life, guiding you with extreme care but discipline is her forte, getting things done efficiently is her core. I'm excited to walk and work with Bode to snatch my fit life, I couldn't have asked for a better coach. I used to be that one that felt fad diets and starvation was the way to a lean waist but just following Bode's plan and shifting my mindset was all I needed. Don't think twice about the body create method...just go for it. Bode is the truth and you are gon love her for her routines.
Nnanke Essien
I believe in her method of simplicity and focusing on habits
Before I stumbled on Bode Agbe-Davies, I was on a fitness quest but was really struggling with the overwhelming information available all around. I believe in her method of simplicity and focusing on habits as they make discipline come naturally. That’s why her method is such a breath of fresh air and also very easy to follow. The motivation kinda came naturally too.
Bisi Odewale